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Intake Form: Consent Divorce w/ Kids

Form Can Also Be Used For Covenant Marriage (Divorce) in AZ!
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Important: You can save the data in this form at any time (and come back to it later). Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Continue Later.”


If you choose to save and continue later, you will be given a special link on the next page, after  you click save. Remember to bookmark and save that link!


Do you have a covenant marriage?

This Form CAN BE USED for a Covenant / Marriage Divorce!


If you have a covenant marriage, you are probably having trouble finding the D.I.Y. forms you need online. That’s because, to our knowledge, there are no “online divorce forms” for a covenant marriage / divorce with children.


When you have a covenant marriage, you must divorce by consent. If there are children involved, it is a very complex situation. Truthfully, it would be very difficult for a layperson to prepare a covenant divorce with children. It’s practically a third of a ream of paper, and it takes three trips to court.


But that’s only if you do it 100% correctly. If you make any mistakes, you will go back and forth to court until the judge dismisses the case and keeps your court fees! This happens all the time.


If you have a covenant marriage and need to get divorced, then this is the form you need. If you would like to hire us to prepare the papers after you fill our form, please go here for a consent divorce with children.