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Petition to Enforce / for Contempt

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  • Enforce Orders
  • $ 499 /plus $89 court fee
    • Enforce Divorce Decree;
    • Enforce One thing, or many things;
    • Hold the Other Party in Contempt!
  • Enforce
  • Respond to Enforcement
  • $ 499 /plus court fee
    • You were served with Enforcement;
    • You want a pro to tell your side;
    • We prepare and file.
  • Defend
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Welcome! You are either on this page because you need to enforce orders against your ex, or you were served a Petition for Enforcement and you need to respond.


Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, you should know that a Petition for Enforcement is filed when one party believes the other party is not following a direct order of the court. For example, one parent isn’t paying child support as agreed.


Or, it could be that one parent isn’t following the child support schedule. This is another very common reason for requesting a Petition to Enforce.


But it doesn’t have to be about children at all. If someone was supposed to give you the couch and the TV– and they haven’t done it— they are in Contempt of Court.


I Want to Serve My Ex with Enforcement


Paralegal helping person with petition to enforce court orders.Okay, we can help! Our fee is $499 to prepare and file. You will also have to pay $85 to have your spouse served. Finally, there is a court fee of $89.


These cases are usually very simple. Either your ex has been following the court order, or they have not. If they have not followed the court order, the judge may take steps to ensure the rules are followed going forward.


If children are involved, sometimes a Petition for Modification is filed along with the Petition for Contempt. In this case, the parent is essentially saying:


“Not only do I want to resolve this current problem, but I want to change the custody agreement also- because my ex can’t be trusted to follow the court’s guidelines.”


I Was The One Served with a Petition for Enforcement!


We can help! If you were served with a petition to enforce, you need to file a response. Our fee is $499 to prepare the Response to Enforcement- and we will tell your side of the story. We know that people often don’t even realize that they are in contempt and we’ll be able to help!


Either Way, We Need Your Court Records!


We are going to need access to your Electronic Court Record. This is a fantastic resource, and even if we didn’t need it to help you, you’d want to sign up anyway.


You can register for that free service here:




Please have your driver’s license out and type the information exactly as it is on your driver’s license. (Even if you have moved and the driver’s license is no longer accurate!)


Important: Please pick a username and password that you don’t use for anything else.


If the system has issues validating your identity or you don’t have an AZ license: You will have to send a photo of your driver’s license and registration information to eFilesupport@cosc.maricopa.gov.


If you are in a rush, you can also follow up with a call to the ECR Help Desk at (602) 372-5375 and let them know your account needs to be validated. Otherwise, account validation typically takes between 24-48 hours.


Then, once your registration is complete, please send us:


1) Your username,
2) Your password, and
3) Your case number.


Our office cannot assist with technical issues from the Court website. Please contact the Court directly with any technical issues at (602) 372-5375.

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