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  • No Kids, No Property
  • $ 399 /plus Court Fees
    • Nobody goes to court or sees a judge!
    • Does not include property division.
    • Simple divorce (no need for agreement).
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  • No Kids, w/ Property
  • $ 599 /plus Court Fees
    • If you don’t have kids, but have property.
    • Can include assets and debts.
    • Can be done by agreement or default.
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  • With Minor Children
  • $ 799 /plus Court Fees
    • If you agree, we go to court for you.
    • Includes custody, child support- everything.
    • If you agree, only takes 80-90 days to complete.
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Child Custody

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We are an Arizona Company, with Arizona employees, who spend money in Arizona.


Call us, locally, anytime at (602) 283-3800.

5 Star Reviews

We believe everyone should be able to afford justice in Family Court.

Family Law Clients

Family Law court should be accessible to everyone.


That’s it. It’s just that simple. That’s why we are here.


We don’t believe that people should be trapped in a marriage, just because they can’t afford an expensive divorce attorney. We have made it our mission to offer affordable, outstanding family law services for our Maricopa County clients.

Arizona is a no-fault state. Nobody needs a lawyer to get divorced in Arizona.

It may be hard to believe, but our clients pay our firm about 1/10th as much as they would spend for an Arizona-based attorney to do the same thing. If you are in agreement, we’ll even make every trip to court for both of you. You won’t see a judge, pay for parking, or stand in line!


The biggest difference is that Family Law Attorneys charge by the hour. First, they will take a retainer. A retainer is a fancy word for “deposit.” In Phoenix, the average retainer for a family attorney is $3,000.


What many people do not understand is that the retainer gets burned up very quickly. Most attorneys charge between $300 – $400 per hour, and 10 hours can easily get burned up before your first court date!


With Affordable Family Law, you will never be “surprised” by the legal fees. We will tell you exactly how much everything costs from the very beginning. We might spend 10 hours on your case, or we might spend 15 hours– but our flat-fee will remain the same.

Stay Home. Relax. We've got this covered!

We don’t want our family law clients to do much of anything. We don’t want you to go to court, or see the judge, or pay for parking.


When you hire Affordable Family Law, we do as much as we can to keep you out of the courtroom. If the two of you can come to an agreement, you will simply tell us your agreement; and then sign the divorce papers.


We will make all four trips to court for you!


If you are not divorcing by agreement, we’ll make the first 3 trips to court, and you will most likely finish the divorce during mediation. Mediation can be done over the telephone.

5 Star Reviews

Arguing couple needing family law services for a divorce. Typically, if spouses are divorcing amicably (uncontested divorce), they are able to reach agreements among themselves and don’t need any assistance with a lawyer.


This is where a legal document preparer comes in. Generally, the most cost-effective method to obtain an Arizona divorce without doing it yourself, is to hire a legal document preparer for a mere fraction of the cost involved with hiring an attorney.


In Arizona, a legal document preparer must be certified by the State in order to prepare legal documents without the guidance of a licensed attorney. To be certified, the legal document preparer must have the necessary skills, knowledge base and years of experience to pass the certification exam. They must then meet the requirements of a stringent application process in order to ensure they do not have a criminal record and will act ethically. Legal document preparers are not attorneys and cannot ethically offer any type of legal advice.


A quality Arizona legal document preparation company will gather information from you, inform you of your available options and then, based on the options you select, prepare the necessary divorce forms on your behalf. Many times, legal document preparers will also offer services for filing your paperwork with the Court and process service of your spouse. Make sure to determine what services are included before engaging a legal document preparer. Keep in mind that this route is likely your most affordable and time efficient option for an Arizona divorce.


Having someone with experience and knowledge guide you through the process in an efficient and inexpensive manner can be an invaluable asset during a stressful and emotionally difficult period in your life- even if you are lucky enough to have an uncontested divorce.

5 Star Reviews

I have a complicated custody case. Can you help me?


Absolutely! It does not matter how complex your case is– we are qualified to prepare all of the necessary paperwork, and we do it well.


In some very rare cases, you may choose to hire a lawyer before trial (if your case goes that far). But if you hire us to help you prepare the initial divorce petition; have your spouse served; and prepare you for mediation– you will save many thousands of dollars.


It’s very rare that cases move past mediation, but if you go all the way to trial– we can either prepare you for trial, or you can hire a lawyer. Even if you have the money for a lawyer, frugal people often won’t hire a lawyer until they have an actual court date. (That’s because most cases settle in mediation.)


But no matter what your financial situation is, Affordable Family Law can make divorce a lot less expensive.

  • Make payment online.
  • Sign the papers in our office.

  • Go home and wait 90 days.

But what do our clients say?

5 Star Reviews
I highly recommend Affordable Family Law!
Affordable Family Law has over 100 5 star reviews on google.

Jessica is a legal document preparer, not a divorce attorney. However, she did everything that I needed done. She filed my initial petition; she filed emergency orders for me; and she helped me prepare my exhibits for family court. Basically, she did everything I needed and I saved thousands!!!

Marc B. | Phoenix, AZ

A divorce is one of the hardest life changing things a person can go through. Jessica and Mike were there for me anytime I called or emailed. At first I thought I needed to hire a lawyer but I knew that would cost thousands. I’m so glad I found them!

Debbie B. | Phoenix, AZ

I had a covenant marriage which can make the process of getting divorced tricky, but Jessica did everything effortlessly. She kept me in the loop the whole way and always answered any questions I had. She was realistic and knowledgeable.

Brooke M. | Peoria, AZ

My spouse changed his mind multiple times regarding signing the papers. Jessica reassured me and guided me through the process. Her fees were so reasonable, considering the amount of work that she had to do.

Tara G. | Peoria, AZ

Jessica worked so hard for me and answered all my questions promptly. Divorce is difficult in the best of circumstances and she made things so much easier for me. If I could give 6 stars, I would!

Wes C. | Phoenix, AZ

Very friendly staff. Always keeps you updated on everything they will need for your case and throughout the whole process. And it is a very affordable option! Thank you again for your services.

Matthew T. | Peoria, AZ

I recently needed help with an Arizona child custody case and I can't tell you how glad I am that I found Jessica. She was a pleasure to work with, always returned my phone calls and emails promptly, and did everything she said she was going to do. I couldn't have asked for a better experience at such an affordable price!

Ricki L. | Mesa, AZ

Jessica was great. She responded quickly to emails and answered all of my questions. All the paperwork was accurate and quickly recorded. I would definitely use her again for any document filing needs.

Nicole D. | Scottsdale, AZ

I was referred to the company by a neighbor who raved about the service, cost and understanding service she received. It was the best thing I could have done.

Gail L. | Phoenix, AZ

Amazing. The superheroes of divorce! You are in good hands with this team. Highly recommended.

Kera P. | Phoenix, AZ

Jessica did a wonderful job helping me and my ex navigate through this process. While I am sad that my marriage is over, having someone so helpful be there and not make this into a stressful situation helped immensely.

Alicia C. | Phoenix, AZ

I cannot thank Jessica enough for making our divorce process easy and being transparent with us on every step. A divorce is never easy and I’m glad we had Jessica to take care of it.

Aline R. | Chandler, AZ

Jessica made this entire process as easy as possible for us. Her services are worth every penny. What I appreciated most was how fast she responded to my emails, and there were quite a few.

Seth F. | Phoenix, AZ

The service I experienced with Affordable Arizona Divorce was above and beyond what I expected. Talk about a divorce simplified; they make it happen.

Warren R. | Peoria, AZ

All of my paperwork was prepared exactly how I needed it done, and in such a timely manner. Divorce is never easy, but I would highly recommend Arizona Affordable Divorce. Thank you Jessica.

Renee R. | Mesa, AZ

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