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Can I Get A $200 Divorce?

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Can I Get A $200 Divorce?

$200 Divorce for ClientMany people call asking us about a $200 divorce. Unfortunately, there are no actual businesses located in Arizona that offer a $200 divorce.

You might find a website or two that offers a divorce for $159 or cheaper. These websites are not websites ran by a company in Arizona. Typically, these sites are ran by someone in a different country who is not familiar with Arizona divorce laws. The sites are also sometimes ran by companies in other states, who once again would not have experience with Arizona divorce law. Hiring a company without any knowledge of Arizona divorce laws, can be a frustrating process. Your paperwork could be done incorrectly, not properly filed, have errors on it, and much more! Be careful if you are thinking about using an online company that has a price that is too good to be true.

If you are looking for a $200 divorce in Maricopa County, we can help with that. Although we do not have a divorce for $200, we offer a $399 divorce option. If you choose to hire us, you get to work with a legal business who has been helping people get divorces for over ten years. Affordable Family Law’s owner, Jessica Worley, has decades of experience in Maricopa County Family Court. Let us help you find the cheapest divorce option available for you. Contact us today for help finding something similar to a $200 divorce.

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