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What are Temporary Orders?

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What are Temporary Orders?

Are you asking yourself any of the following questions? How can I make sure I see my kids while I’m waiting for my divorce to be finalized? Do I get financial support while I’m waiting for my divorce to be finalized?  How can I get temporary custody? If you are asking yourself those questions, then the answer you need is Temporary Orders. Temporary Orders are Court orders regarding various issues pending the final trial or settlement.

Person signing temporary orders. There are a myriad of reasons to file Temporary Orders. They could be necessary if you are in need of financial support from the other party while you are waiting for your case to be finalized. For example, maybe you need the other party to provide child support or alimony, and waiting several months for the final orders is too long.

Another example of why someone might need Temporary Orders is in regard to custody and parenting time. Perhaps the other parent is not allowing you to see the children, or maybe it’s important that the other parent’s time with the children is limited. These orders will get a plan in place while you are waiting for final orders.

Temporary Orders may also address living arrangements. They can determine who has the sole and exclusive use of the family residence while the case is pending finalization.

Realistically, the process can take approximately 45 to 60 days to move through the Court. Although that may seem long, you will receive relief prior to the finalization of your case.

We help clients with Temporary Orders every week. If you feel like you need these orders, please contact us today for a free consultation from one of our team members.