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What is a consent decree?

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What is a consent decree?

A consent decree is the document used when both you and your spouse agree to all terms of the divorce. Both parties must agree on division of property and debt, spousal maintenance, and the parenting plan (if minor children are part of the marriage). Using a consent decree makes the divorce process quicker and easier.

Couple signing consent decreeWhat does it mean to divorce by “consent”?

Divorcing by consent means that both parties will be divorced using a consent decree. They must both in 100% agreement regarding all the terms of the divorce, willing to sign all the paperwork, and pay their filing fees to the court. If minor children are involved in the divorce, then both parents must complete an online Parent Information Program as well. We help hundreds of couples every year with consent divorces. We will make all the trips to court for you and file the necessary paperwork! Consequently, neither you nor your spouse have to go to court!

Are you and your spouse are in 100% agreement regarding your divorce? If the answer is yes, contact us today and have us prepare a consent decree for the two of you. The legal team at Affordable Family Law is ready to help you with your divorce today.

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